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Training Online H2s Awareness Training and Recertification easy, effective and affordable! Complete your testing and receive your wallet card. H2s Awareness Training for employees and guests. Group training solutions are available.

Basic Training Course Description Anyone needing a better understanding of H2S gas and the dangers associated with this toxic chemical.This course provides a basic education on Hydrogen Sulfide,H2S Safety, and regardless of your situation could save your life!

Awareness Training Course Description This H2S Safety course is designed for anyone who works or may work in an environment where H2S could be present.Take our H2S Awareness Training course today, and protect yourself from the known and unknown dangers of H2S tomorrow!

Recertification Training Course Description The first line of defense against the dangers of Hydrogen Sulfide is a quality H2S Awareness Training course.Renew your H2S Safety Awareness certificate here!

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