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NEWS / H2S Safety

H2S leak in Channahon IL

On March 3rd the Joliet Oil Refinery in Channahon Illinois experienced an H2S leak, thought to be caused by a valve failure the day before. Though there are no reported injuries associated with this event, H2S has the potential to be incredibly dangerous to anyone in its path. Hydrogen Sulfide is commonly associated with the Oil and Natural Gas industries, because it is commonly found in natural gas and crude oil when extracted from ground sources.

The H2S Training and Education Center releases Pocket Cards

The H2S Training and Education Center is taking another step in assuring that workers are knowledgeable when they venture into H2S affected areas. The Pocket Card provides basic knowledge on what to look for, and how to protect yourself from H2S. The Pocket Card is conveniently sized, and made of durable materials to survive any jobsite. The Pocket Card will be available for online purchase at the end of April, but are available for purchase via email or over the phone now. Get a Pocket Card today, for you, or your crew.

H2S prooves deadly in a paper mill

Back in January, a man died after being overcome by H2S at a paper mill in South Carolina . This incident though unfortunate, proves a point, that H2S is a very real danger in industries other than just the Oil and Gas arena. The man was overcome while peforming maintenance in a tank. H2S safety is nothing to take lightly, and anywhere H2S may be present, workers should do everything they can to ensure they are aware of how to work safely around this dangerous and toxic chemical.

The H2S Training and Education Center launches training portals

To make H2S Awareness and Site Specific training more accessible and convienent for orginizations, The H2S Training and Education Center provides H2S Safety portal services. The H2S Training and Education center prides itself in putting all focus and energy on H2S safety, and with portal services will be able to expand training offerings to a whole new group of workers and professionals everywhere. We thank our dedicated users for providing feedback and assisting us in getting these services off of the ground, and into hands where it will save lives.